EU Satellite Centre

Analysis for Decision Making

Under the supervision of the Deputy Director, the Secretary provides secretarial support for the daily work of the Directorate.

־                Secretarial duties such as preparation of general correspondence; drafting, formatting of documents, letters, translating notes, answering calls, taking messages;

־                Maintains the Deputy Director’s and Directorate’s agenda;

־                Supports the planning and organisation of meetings, prepares agendas and writes minutes.

־                Provides secretarial support throughout the cycle of Directorate, Planning and Management meetings;

־                Assists in the preparation of workshops, visits and conferences, updates and maintains the visitors database of SatCen contacts;

־                Prepares supporting materials and agendas for both internal and external events of relevance for the Directorate;

־                Supports the Coordination, Communication and Policy Sections of the Directorate with secretarial assistance;

־                Prepares the monthly activity reports of the Directorate;

־                Is responsible for travel arrangements for the Directorate;

־                Substitutes the Personal Assistant to the Director if needed;

־                Performs any additional duties as assigned in line with the above key responsibilities by the Deputy Director.



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